Eco Trash Couture

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Public artist and environmental advocate Nancy Judd creates couture fashion sculptures made from trash. Nancy uses her engaging sculptures to stimulate conversation, action and education about sustainable living.

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Nancy, a trained teaching artist, is now offering arts-based interactive virtual sessions for children across the globe– think of it as on-line childcare that is creative, fun and educational! She offers over 20 upCycled projects that use materials and tools you have in your home and recycling bin, and interacts with your children as they work answering questions, providing direction and giving encouragement. Nancy works with people of all ages and needs. She can tailor sessions for age, ability and interests.

Nancy is internationally known for the following accomplishments:

Learn about the mission behind Ms. Judd’s work in her TEDx talks!

TEDxAcequiaMadre, 2012

TEDxABQ, 2011