Junk Mail FanDress, front
Junk Mail FanDress, front
Junk Mail FanDress, back
Junk Mail FanDress, detail
Junk Mail FanDress, materials
Photos by Sandrine Hahn

Junk Mail Fan Dress

Discarded junk mail solicits a positive response when made into “fan-tastic” attire.

Catalogues, solicitations and newspaper ads were folded into fans and sewn onto the Spanish style dress.  The skirt and bodice were constructed from canvas scraps.  The thrift store shoes were covered with used postage stamps.  This ensemble is topped off with a vintage mantilla embellished with junk-mail fans and origami peacock earrings.  This creation took 200 hours. Created in 2000.


Cancel unwanted solicitations and catalogues!

Learn how to STOP JUNK MAIL!

More than 4 million tons of junk mail are produced yearly. Over 50 percent of this unsolicited mail ends up in landfills annually.

Recycle your unwanted mail and it will be made into paper towels, notebook paper, envelopes, copy paper, boxes, hydro-mulch, molded packing, and kitty litter. Producing paper from post-consumer paper uses 40% less energy than making paper from virgin wood pulp.

Source: US Environmental Protection Agency