Obama Cocktail Dress, front
Obama Cocktail Dress, front
Obama Cocktail Dress, back
Obama Cocktail Dress, materials
Obama Cocktail Dress, thumbnail
Photos by Katie Macaulay

Obama Cocktail Dress

Surplus campaign yard signs make this dress politically correct!

Plastic campaign signs from the 2009 presidential election were collected for this party line dress. An old cotton sheet was repurposed for the lining of the dress. The plastic signs were cut into strips and attached to the lining in overlapping layers from bottom to top. This campaign dress was designed and fabricated in 50 hours. Created in 2009.

Change Couture Collection at the Green Inaugural Ball

The Obama Cocktail Dress is part of the Change Couture Collection which was showcased at numerous inaugural balls in Washington D.C. in 2009 for the presidential inauguration of Barack Obama.