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Up-cycled Fashion and Art Workshops

Nancy Judd provides unique and fun workshops that combine art, fashion and eco-consciousness. She creates community-building opportunities for you to engage your audience. Ms. Judd offers numerous kinds of workshops to fit the various needs and budgets of any organization.

On-line Classes and Workshops

Nancy provides virtual classes and workshops for adults (in businesses, non-profits or government agencies looking for team and morale building, creative inspiration and health and wellness experiences for their employees) and children of all ages.

Nature Art (AKA Nature Doodling)

Upcycled Art Workshops

Ms. Judd can lead participants in creating beautiful and fun objects from local waste materials that they can take home. Workshops are available in person and virtually! Project examples include:

Candle holders made from recycled jars and magazines

Gift box made from old calendars

Up-cycled Accessories

Up-cycled Fashion Workshops

Nancy has assisted groups around the country in designing and creating their own up-cycled fashions for over 15 years! Project examples include:

Students in the Textile and Apparel Design Program at the University of Wisconsin in Madison

Students in the Textile and Apparel Design Program at the University of Wisconsin in Madison

T-shirt Transformation workshop in Champaign, Illinois

T-shirt Transformation workshop in Champaign, Illinois

Recycle Runway Fashion Workshops

Nancy can create, with the help of your customers,  a new Recycle Runway garment for your organization that is made from your waste materials. This is a memorable and engaging way to attract public and media attention to any kind of event. Nancy can design and create “life-size” garments, or “miniatures” depending upon your project and budget. Below are examples of three Recycle Runway Fashion Workshops.

Eco-Flamenco, made by 5,000 people in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Tire-less Couture, created at the University Mall in Chapel Hill, NC

Jellyfish Dress, created in Lincoln City, OR

Praise for Nancy’s Workshops:

“Thanks so much for the workshop!! It was really inspirational….not only as a push for recycling but as an artist. Great to see a fellow artist have success in the art world with something she feels passionate about. You really are an inspiration!!! Good luck to you in the future and I can’t wait to see what you come up with next!!!”

Patti Jordan

Nancy can work with you to plan the workshop to meet your specific goals. Contact her at 505-577-9712 or to learn more!