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Up-cycled Fashion and Art Workshops

Nancy Judd provides unique and fun workshops that combine art, fashion and eco-consciousness. She creates community-building opportunities for you to engage your audience. Ms. Judd offers numerous kinds of workshops to fit the various needs and budgets of any organization.

Up-cycled Art Workshops

Ms. Judd can lead participants in creating beautiful and fun objects from local waste materials that they can take home. This is a great activity that will remind people of their experience at your event for years to come. Project examples include:

Candle holders made from recycled jars and magazines

Gift box made from old calendars

Up-cycled Accessories

Up-cycled Fashion Workshops

Nancy has assisted groups around the country in designing and creating their own up-cycled fashions for over 15 years! Project examples include:

Students in the Textile and Apparel Design Program at the University of Wisconsin in Madison

Students in the Textile and Apparel Design Program at the University of Wisconsin in Madison

T-shirt Transformation workshop in Champaign, Illinois

T-shirt Transformation workshop in Champaign, Illinois

Recycle Runway Fashion Workshops

Nancy can create, with the help of your customers,  a new Recycle Runway garment for your organization that is made from your waste materials. This is a memorable and engaging way to attract public and media attention to any kind of event. Nancy can design and create “life-size” garments, or “miniatures” depending upon your project and budget. Below are examples of three Recycle Runway Fashion Workshops.

Eco-Flamenco, made by 5,000 people in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Tire-less Couture, created at the University Mall in Chapel Hill, NC

Jellyfish Dress, created in Lincoln City, OR

Praise for Nancy’s Workshops:

“Thanks so much for the workshop!! It was really inspirational….not only as a push for recycling but as an artist. Great to see a fellow artist have success in the art world with something she feels passionate about. You really are an inspiration!!! Good luck to you in the future and I can’t wait to see what you come up with next!!!”

Patti Jordan

Nancy can work with you to plan the workshop to meet your specific goals. Contact her at 505-577-9712 or to learn more!