Couture Plastique, front
Couture Plastique, front
Couture Plastique, back
Couture Plastique, detail
Couture Plastique, materials
Photos by Sandrine Hahn

Couture Plastique

Glamour is in the bag when you wear this elegant gown created from plastic film and bottles.

Plastic bottles are recycled into Eco-spun, the fabric in this gown. The eco-spun evening wear is covered with used plastic packaging film and accented with small circles cut from post-consumer plastic detergent bottles. The stole is knit from used clear plastic bags and lined with fabric from a second-hand white satin prom dress. This Oscar winner for best use of plastic film took 225 hours to create. Created in 2006.

Recycle plastic bags and film at home and at work. Visit to learn how.

Any of the follow plastic that is dry, clean and free of paper labels can be recycled at your local grocery store:

  • Grocery, produce, food storage bags (including cereal box liners)
  • retail bags (hard plastic and string handles removed) newspaper and dry cleaning bags
  • Retail wrap (e.g., furniture, electronics, napkin, and food containers)
  • Plastic shipping envelopes (no bubble wrap/remove labels)