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The Recycle Runway Collection

Nancy Judd creates couture fashion sculptures made from trash (the Recycle Runway Collection) and displays her work in traveling exhibitions in high-traffic locations such as museums, airports, and shopping malls. Each of her sculptures takes between 100-650 hours to create, and her goal is that they will last for 100 years. Ms. Judd loves the challenge of making garbage elegant and inspiring people to look differently at waste and consider how we use our limited resources.

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Mimi, created in Evanston, IL

Ms. Judd can create a site-specific piece for you or your organization. Nancy enjoys working in collaboration with her sponsors– asking the questions: “What are your waste materials?” and “What are the environmental issues that are pertinent to you or your region?” Using the answers to these questions Nancy designs site-specific commissions that are meaningful and pertinent to the sponsor. Including the community in the creation of the piece adds further depth to the projects. Click on “Mimi” (to the right) to read a blog post about such a project was created in 2011.

Praise from a garment sponsor:

Recycling Fiesta, sponsored by Target

“Nancy contacted the local Target store to make the Target recycling dress, and the store team really got into it by coming up with lots of materials we were recycling and even some that we weren’t. That made the team think more about what they were throwing away. It was a great project and the impact of the dress is excellent.”
Jim Bosch, Target

Contact Nancy Judd at 505-577-9712505-577-9712 or for more information about garment sponsorship.