The Glass Evening Gown
The Glass Evening Gown
Glass Evening Gown, detail
Glass Evening Gown, close-up
Glass Evening Gown, materials
Photos by Don Marr and Sandrine Hahn

Glass Evening Gown

12,000 pieces of recycled crushed glass reflects sustainable elegance.

Crushed glass jars and bottles from the City of Albuquerque recycling program were glued to the gown and second-hand shoes. The 1930s style gown was made from upholstery fabric remnants. This couture fashion took 400 hours to create. Created in 2002.

Commissioned by the Glass Packaging Institute


Recycle glass jars & bottles forever!

Recycling glass reduces emissions and consumption of raw materials, extends the life of plant equipment, such as furnaces, and saves energy. Ceramics, porcelain, Pyrex, and dishware are the most destructive contaminants for glass recycling. Make sure they don’t get mixed in with your recycled glass bottles.

Recycle glass is primarily made into new bottles. It is also added to asphalt (glassphalt) to pave airport runways, parking aprons and taxiways; and added to paint that marks these areas. The reflective properties of these materials make it safer for airplane landings and take offs.

Source: Glass Packaging Institute