Recycled Cowgirl, front
Recycled Cowgirl, front
Recycled Cowgirl, back
Recycled Cowgirl, detail
Recycled Cowgirl, materials
Photos by Sandrine Hahn

Recycled Cowgirl

Outdated phone books created this little number!

Pages from old phone books were woven together to make the western style skirt and vest. The look continues with the pages applied to the used cowgirl hat and vintage “pee-wee” cowgirl boots. Used CDs create the silver accents on the outfit. This rough and ready suit required 125 hours to create. Created in 2002.


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Phones books are made of 90% recycled paper, they can be recycled again and again, into new directories, roofing surfaces, insulation materials, grocery bags, paper towels, molded packing, compost and kitty litter. Check your local phone book for recycling information (usually in the front or back), or call your local Solid Waste Department.