Aluminum Drop Dress, front
Aluminum Drop Dress, front
Aluminum Drop Dress, back
Aluminum Drop Dress, details
Aluminum Drop Dress, materials
Photos by Eric Swanson and Sandrine Hahn

Aluminum Drop Dress

Aluminum cans make this dress POP!

Hand-cut teardrops and circles from aluminum cans embellish both dress and shoes. The 1920s retro flapper dress was sewn from a used cloth shower curtain. This matching combo took 200 hours to create. Created in 2004.

Commissioned by Novelis


From cans to airplanes, aluminum is easy to recycle!

Following are some of the environmental benefits from recycling one ton of aluminum:

  • Saves 95 percent of the energy required.
  • Avoids the emission of about 10 tons of CO2 equivalents.
  • Reduces the use of natural resources and chemicals (caustic soda, aluminum fluoride and lime).
  • Eliminates the need for 5 tons of bauxite ore to be mined.
  • Eliminates the generation of nearly 2 tons of red mud byproduct.

Source: Novelis