Thank you to the 5,000 people who contributed eco-pledges to the dress, and to the following individuals and organizations for their financial support of this project!

FAST Enterprises

Steve Welch

James Ard
Thomas Johnson

 Jeanne Arnold

Kim Blueher

Esha Chiocchio
Amy Roslyn

 Moe Sherman

Alicia Marie Rencountre-Da Silva

Sarah Kostelecky

Agnes Noonan

Dorothy DeanKim Kiel

Nita Judd

Patrick Malone

Sandy Oato

Bette Bradbury

Gary white

Betsy Joyce

David Judd & Tolly Boyd

Julia White

Marcia Brenden

Maren Lambe

Mercedes Encinias

Shana Morris

Tara Bloyd

Celia Canfield

Cara Cassard

Joan Game

Ariel Harrison

Carol Cooper

Lisa Kisiel

Anna RichardsCaitlin McCauley

Carrie Gantt

Cynthia Graves

Debbie Baca

Fred Buchholz

Hanh Pham

Joe Buffalo Nickels

Rose De Bie-Bowman

Judy Kowalski

Marilyn Blessie

Michelle LaPorte Hailey

Patricia Shure

Sharon Leiser

Stephen Auger

Veronique Longmire

Lorena Schott

Kim Davis

Anji Estrellas

Rick Vellue

Janet Korn

Susan Wright-MillerCandace Walsh

Cathy Tyson-Foster

Danielle Reddick

Ellen Kemper

Gregory Baker

Heather Swan

Jennifer Beidel

Joan Murphy

John Olson

Kim Davison


Marilyn Jacobs

Memphis Barbree

Patti Levey

Tierra Ideas Bag Company

Janis Rutschman

Sharon Volotko

Joanna Rosene-Mirvis

This Mad Beautiful Game

Debra Atlas




5,000 people helped create this passionate dress!

Cereal boxes painted with recycled paint have been transformed into cascades of ruffles that contain over 5,000 eco-pledges—commitments of actions that people will take to help the environment. The ruffles cover a dress made from parachute scraps. This dramatic dress took 650 hours to create and was completed in 2011.


Which one of the following was NOT an eco-pledge sewn to this dress?

  1. I will shop locally.
  2. I will eat organic food.
  3. I will live in a tree and eat bananas.
  4. I will use my car less.
  5. I will reuse and recycle everything I can.

Answer:  3.

We don’t have to live like monkeys to live lighter on the earth! Every moment we make simple decisions that affect the planet. What can you do in your life to help the environment?