Eco Trash Couture

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Creative Eco-Events

Creating Tire-less Couture in Chapel Hill, NC

Nancy Judd provides unique and memorable experiences for businesses, non-profit organizations and even small groups of individuals!

Combining art, fashion and eco-consciousness, she creates opportunities for you to engage your “participants” at special occasions, conferences, conventions, meetings, trade shows, team building exercises, retail locations, commemorative events and in educational campaigns with:

At a time when people are increasingly shopping, socializing and learning on-line Nancy creates compelling experiences that bring us together in a meaningful context.

“I was so positively impressed by your ability to relate so well to a wide variety of participants. You seemed calm and non-pressured and accepting of who showed up and how we accomplished what you needed. You gave so many options to stop and reroute if we needed to. I was amazed by your people skills! I thank you for the opportunity to be a part of the workshop.”
Jody Cassell, Chapel Hill, NC

Nancy can work with you to create the perfect event to meet your specific goals. Contact her at 505-577-9712 or to learn more!

Eco-Flamenco was created with 5,000 people in Grand Rapids, MI.