Citrus Lace Dress Medium
small detail
Citrus Lace Dress Medium

This sculpture, made from orange peels, brings attention to the issues of food waste recovery, composting and buying organic produce.

The dress is fashioned out of several layers of “lace” made from upcycled cheese-cloth decorated with “sequins” cut from citrus peels. The design of the dress is inspired by fashions from the 1900’s belle époque period and the lace pattern is based upon a dress belonging to Nancy’s great-grandmother. The entire piece including the thread, will be entirely biodegradable.

According to a 2017 Natural Resources Defense Council report, 40% of the food we produce in the United States is thrown away. At the same time, 42 million Americans face food insecurity- less than 1/3 of  the food we discard would be enough to feed this population.