Change Couture Collection
Change Couture Collection
Change Couture Collection
Change Couture Collection
Change Couture Collection

Thank you to the following individuals and organizations for generously supporting this project!

Covanta Energy, National Recycling Coalition, Event Emissary, anonymous, Anonymous, Jennifer Tuvell and Ace Bailey, Clay and Nita Judd, Debbie Dodson, Melissa White-WHITESPACE CREATIVE, Quantum River Productions, Ard-Knox Insurance- Fine Art Specialist, Chris Gregory, Elizabeth Martin, Gina Browning, Sally and John Lawrence, Julia White, Becky Judd, Barbara Fix, Charlotte Cooke, Yvonne Montoya, Bette Bradbury, Cordelia Friedman and Nancy Rettig, James Stallings, Little Earth Productions, David Judd, Daran Moon, Timi Tullis, Ruth Alpert, Marion Seymour, Rachel Edelson, Haute Trash, Lynn Hathaway, Mary Beebe, Rick Velleu, Callum Grieve, Kate Krebs, Susan Todd, Ariel Harrison, Regina Wheeler, Jackie Caballero, Amy Pilling, Joni Arends, E. Gifford Stack, Joe Nickels, English Bird, Ben Haggard and Joe, Candace Walsh, Laura Amdre, Ann Gadi, Dottie, Shaunee, Sienna, Pat Gallagher, Tara Hassin, Madeira School, Charles Hendrix, Olivia Russell, Coutney Fox, Ruth Berg, James Stillings, Dominique Mazeaud, Marjorie Griek, Joanne Shafer, Cynthia Robinson, Susan Hunt, Sandy Hruska, Roseanne Miracle, Beth Howard, Kristen Jadus, Lori Topley, Abacus Computing, Kenneth Yoss, Cheryl Queen, Miranda Turner, Rachel Edelson, Esha Chiocchio

Change Couture Collection

This collection of garments fashioned out of discarded campaign materials, is made up of three garments: the Obamanos Coat, the Obama Cocktail Dress and the Voter Swing Coat. The Collection is a celebration of the millions of people who worked countless hours to assure the election of Barack Obama as the President of the United States.

Nancy Judd of Recycle Runway was a devoted volunteer in the Obama/Biden Campaign in Santa Fe. She organized hundreds of people in her neighborhood and inspired friends and relatives across the country to volunteer. This collection is a documentation of her experience being part of this exciting campaign.

The day after the election Ms. Judd went “dumpster diving” behind Obama Campaign headquarters in northern New Mexico. She filled her car with historic campaign materials that she transformed into elegant garments with the help of over 25 dedicated volunteers in two months!

Ms. Judd brought the Collection to the 2009 presidential inauguration in Washington D.C., showcasing it at the The Green Inaugural Ball, the reception to honor the New Mexico Congressional Delegation, and the New Mexico Inaugural Ball.

The Obamanos Coat has been accepted into the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture!

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