Voter Swing Coat, front
Voter Swing Coat, front
Voter Swing Coat, detail
Voter Swing Coat, materials

Voter Swing Coat

Leftover voter registration posters get the vote for this suit!

The coat is made from voter registration posters cut into half inch wide strips and woven together. This “paper fabric” was adhered to canvas remnants and the finished coat pieces were hand-sewn together. The collar, outer sleeves and bottom edge of the coat are accented with “lace” which was cut and punched from recycled matching voter registration reminder cards. This coat was made with the help of 10 volunteers in 200 hours. Created in 2009.

Change Couture Collection at the Green Inaugural Ball

The Voter Swing Coat is part of the Change Couture Collection which was showcased at numerous inaugural balls in Washington D.C. in 2009 for the presidential inauguration of Barack Obama.