Tireless Couture, materials
Tireless Couture

Tireless Couture

Inner tube tires are reCYCLED into this chic atTIRE.

Inner tube tires from bicycles were cut into circles on and sewn onto the shirt and where cut into fringe and sewn to the bolero. Larger car tires create the undulating fabric on the skirt. The base of the shirt, bolero and skirt are all sewn from torn hotel sheets. The garment was completed in 2010 and took 175 hours to create.

This garment was created partially in public workshops as part of University Mall’s Scraple Hill Art Exhibition. Nancy Judd was asked to design and create a new Recycle Runway garment from inner tube tires to showcase the City’s commitment to sustainability by encouraging citizens to leave their cars at home and use the beautiful pedestrian and bicycle paths.

Commissioned by University Mall and Madison Marquette.


Ride your bike and leave the car at home!

Bicycling is one way that you can reduce your environmental impact. At this EPA website (click here) you can estimate your greenhouse gas emissions, including emissions from driving, using a personal emissions calculator. Once you have calculated your CO2 emissions from driving, learn about how to reduce your impact on the environment.

Source: Environmental Protection Agency