Eco Trash Couture

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Educational Resources

Following are a variety of educational resources related to the Recycle Runway garments.

Nancy Judd’s TEDx talks

Nancy has given two TEDx talks that link her trash fashions to her message of environmental conservation:

Recycled Art Projects

Find directions for many fun and easy recycled art and fashion projects.

Science and Statistics

The US Environmental Protection Agency’s webpage, Teacher Resources and Lesson Plans,
has excellent information and lesson plans as well as links to many other great resources.

High Resolution Photos of Recycle Runway Garments

You are welcome to use any photos that you find on as long as you credit the artist Nancy Judd. Additionally, click here for high resolution photos.

Other Environmental Artists

Eco-artists around the world are using art to raise awareness about environmental conservation, these are some of Nancy’s favorites!

Eco-Quiz Questions

Here is a set of eco-quiz questions that correspond to each of the Recycle Runway garments, created for the Atlanta Airport Exhibition.

Common Core State Standards

Teachers usually need to connect curriculum to Common Core State Standards (CCSS), Nancy is researching how to make these connections with her recycled art in-class projects. She is also developing environmental education lesson plans to accompany her garments. Check back to this site for details. Meanwhile, here are some resources for art teachers about how the CCSS connect to the Next Generation Arts Standards:

Consumption Installation

In 2012 Nancy co-created an installation called Consumption out of trash collected from Santa Fe Transfer Station. This exhibition included many examples of the consequences of consumption, such as the life-cycle analysis of a shoe and the gasses emitted by new mattresses. All of this information is available on the Consumption Installation webpage, NOTE: big deep on this page, you will find LOTS OF GREAT educational resources here!