Planet Green

Discover Trashion (Trash Fashion) at the Green Inaugural Ball

By Heather Sperling
January 20, 2009

Trash + Fashion = Trashion. Simple, right? Not necessarily—one of Nancy Judd’s winter coats, made from Obama fliers, took 200 hours to cut, paste and sew.

The Wall Street Journal has a slide show of some of Judd’s work, which will be modeled at the all-organic Green Inaugural Ball in Washington, DC, on the 20th. The vintage-inspired pieces are clever and ornate, if not user-friendly (you can’t sit down in them, says Judd). A personal favorite is the glass evening gown, which has a ruby slipper-like appeal with an edge—literally—thanks to 12,000 pieces of crushed glass from the City of Albuquerque Recycling Program.

Judd’s “Recycle Runway” pieces are exhibited at airports around the country with the hope that they’ll inspire travelers to personal action-to think twice before throwing out that old sweater, or at least put their coke can in the recycle bin. Because who knows—it could be turned into something chic!

You’ll see Judd’s designs if you pass through the Pittsburgh airport this year. They’ll be in Orlando airport in summer 2009, and in Atlanta in 2011.

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