Eco Trash Couture

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The Environmental Steward-ess

Fly away with this super-hero stewardess uniform made from airline discards.

The uniform, hat and purse are sewn from worn-out leather seat covers from Delta planes. The cape is made from replaced safety cards, Sky Magazines, old plane tickets, and pretzel wrappers all cut into strips and sewn onto worn pillow cases. The cape was then lined with a discarded Delta blanket. Both the cape and purse appear to fly in the wind thanks to armatures created from metal wire used for yard signs during the last presidential election. Recycled aluminum cans were used to create the vintage Delta symbol on the purse, hat and belt. The Purse was designed and made by Tierra Ideas. Completed in 2011.

Commissioned by Delta Air Lines.


Read more about the making of theEnvironmental Steward-ess.


Did you know that airlines reduce their environmental impact by:

  • Recycling aluminum, plastic and paper used on board the planes.
  • Installing a little winglet on the end of the airplane wing.
  • Offering “carbon off-sets” to customers for the miles they fly.
  • Researching use of alternative fuels that are less harmful to the environment.

Many airlines, including Delta Air Lines, take all the measures listed above, plus they are instituting more efficient flight planning; dispatch procedures; flight operations procedures; and air traffic control initiatives that can save 70 million gallons of fuel per year.