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Seeking your creative input! Published: 01.27.2014 at 5:06 pm by Nancy Judd

I’m excited to announce that I am developing a 16 section educational presentation called “Creative Sustainability: educational materials for preserving our planet.” It addresses issues ranging from waste, to consumerism, to climate change. Each section contains photos of my sculptures that relate to the theme of the section; fun eco-quizes; and projects that utilize art, science, language arts and social studies.

I am collaborating with my friend of over 25 years, Sandrine Love, the Executive and Creative Director of a non-profit called Nourishing Our Children. She is assisting with the creation of the PowerPoint presentation, study guide and e-book and will be distributing the materials. We welcome you to view this introductory preview, still in progress, that shares the vision behind this project.

We seek your creative interpretations!

We would like to use illustrations of the earth on the cover pages of each piece of the curriculum, as well as for the numerous section breaks. Please click here to learn more details about what exactly we are looking for.

Each of those whose illustrations we choose to use will receive all of The Creative Sustainability educational materials, which we will launch in the next few months, as a token of our appreciation. In addition, we are also offering Nourishing Our Children’s PowerPoint, study guide, e-book, and food pyramid comparison chart as a gift!

 We seek submissions by Friday, February 14 and are most, most grateful for your participation!

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5 responses to “Seeking your creative input!”

  1. Beth Corder says:


    The radiation levels from Fukushima continue to rise and already are affecting the level of thyroid problems among children in California. Levels will only continue to get worse throughout our lifetimes. Exposure is daily.

    Iodine can protect the thyroid
    Antioxidants found in fruit/ vegetables and supplements can quench the free radicals produced by radiation.
    Miso and green tea and probiotics actually prevent heavy metal radionuclides from being absorbed.

    Children need to know these things.


    • Christy Martinez says:

      I have not heard about Fukushima from the media (since the explosion), only one friend, has talked to me about what’s still happening! This needs to be talked about and exposed to the world for so many reasons.

    • Nancy Judd says:

      Thanks for bringing this forth Beth, it really scares the pants off me!

  2. Just terrific, I’m always awed and inspired by your work as it reflects my own passion for earth, sustainability, nature, education, and paradigm shift!! Thanks for putting this together and doing such great work in the world. What a gift.
    In art, always! ~Rebecca

  3. Christy Martinez says:

    I agree with Rebecca100%. Great job Nancy and Sandrine! :)

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