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Recycle Runway is taking off! Published: 01.19.2011 at 4:14 pm by Nancy Judd

Recycle Runway in the Phoenix Airport, 2010

Recycle Runway is on the move these days, and the next stop is the Atlanta International Airport— yes, since 1998 Atlanta has been reported as the busiest airport in the world based on number of passengers! In March I will install 18 of my recycled fashion designs in nine cases throughout International Concourse E. To access Concourse E take the “Plane Train” (AKA the Concourse Shuttle) or just walk from any one of the concourses or the main terminal. (Note to Atlanta residents: Concourse E is on the secure side of the airport, so you will need a ticket to get there.) The exhibition will be on display for one year and the airport estimates that it will be seen by 10-13 million people, this number still gives me goose bumps! My exhibitions use glamorous trash fashions to encourage people in a fun and creative context to live lighter on the earth. The Atlanta exhibition provides an amazing opportunity to reach countless people with education about conservation.

For those who want to take flight with me, there are still seats for more sponsors! Delta Air Lines, Janome and Novelis have signed-on to be “Case Sponsors”. Keep America Beautiful, Keep Georgia Beautiful, the Georgia Recycling Coalition, the Georgia Chapter of the Sierra Club, Earth911, and the Phoenix Airport Museum are my “Green Partners”. What a great way to let millions of travelers know about your commitment to the environment!

I’m working hard to assure that the exhibition in Atlanta receives wide international media coverage:

  • Delta Air Lines will print a story about the installation in their in-flight magazine, Sky, while Recycle Runway is on display in Atlanta.
  • I will hire a PR company to help attain press coverage domestically and across the globe.
  • Emmy award-winning Quantum River Productions and Whitespace Creative, Santa Fe are creating an engaging video about Recycle Runway that will air on the CNN channel at every gate throughout the entire airport. This is very exciting because according to the 2007 Arbitron Airport study, nearly two-thirds of airline travelers watch the CNN Airport Network. We will include case sponsors in this video– another reason to hop on board with Recycle Runway sponsorship. The video will play for the entire year that the exhibition is up. Thanks to the airport for that one… it’s a biggy!!

Delta Air Lines is also sponsoring a new garment, the Environmental Steward-ess. What a perfect fit, since Delta’s flights carry almost three fourths of the passengers from the Atlanta Airport. This is a personal mile-stone for me, because I have always wanted to work with an airline to fashion a new recycled garment. I’m especially thrilled to be collaborating with Delta because they are recognized as one of the top airlines leading the way in environmental stewardship and have received several awards from the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

Check-back regularly with by blog and on my facebook page for updates and photos as I work on the the Environmental Steward-ess and finish the Youth Eco-Dress, another new piece I am creating for Atlanta!

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