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Online UpCycled Art Classes Published: 04.09.2020 at 5:07 pm by Nancy Judd

Niznet working on her crown with Nancy on the computer screen in the background.
“It was great to see how engaged and excited my daughter was! I appreciated how you engaged with her- you listened with curiosity, interest and genuine delight. You were patient and precise with language and procedure, that helped her be successful.”

To begin… THANK YOU to everyone for all your support of my work over the years and most recently around my exhibition in the Atlanta International Airport, I will send photos and details about that later.

Meanwhile in response to COVID-19 virus circumstances, I have been pivoting my work to help children. Using my recycled art practice and teaching artist experience I have created virtual interactive upCycled art classes for children, youth and adults everywhere!

One of the gifts of these interactive online classes is that I get to develop relationships and spend quality time with children that I was not able to do when I was working with classes of 25-30 students. I so cherish this sweet time I get to share with my students!

I provide child-centered, immersive and interdisciplinary lessons that help children build skills, have fun and in the process create their own UpCylced Maker Kit to use for future projects. Using my arts integration training, I include in every session mindfulness exercises and movement breaks that can help kids learn to manage stressful situations and talk about their Covid-19 related experiences (CDC recommendations).

Each project is aligned with National Common Core Standards, Next Generation Science Standards, and National Core Arts Standards and during the sessions I help children develop life skills that can assist them to face challenges, for example to:

  • Persevere through challenges and brainstorm solutions
  • Speculate and hypothesize outcomes
  • Work independently
  • Connect to their feelings and their community
Puppets made from miscellaneous recycled materials.
“Fabulous Puppets” made from miscellaneous recycled materials.


Most of the projects below can be adapted for kids 5 to 100 years old!
For the first session, choose one of the hour-long projects listed in the first section. The projects listed in the second section take between 1-5 hours, some can be started with Nancy and finished later and others worked on over several sessions. Click on the project descriptions below to learn more about each project and here is a sample session schedule.

First Meeting Projects
Quirky Crowns (made from paper bags and magazines)
Collage Cards (made from cereal boxes and magazines)
Paper Flowers 101 (made from paper bags)

Subsequent Project Options (to date)
Decoupage Jars (made from magazines and glass jars)
Paper Flowers 102 (made from paper bags and magazines)
Marvelous Masks (made from cereal boxes)
T-Shirt Transformations: hats, animal toys, capes, shirts, bags, etc. (made from old T-shirts)
Upcycled Fashions (made from misc items)
Nature Art (made from organic items found in the yard)
Fabulous Puppets (made from misc recycled items)
Imagined Worlds (made from shoe boxes and magazines)
Whimsical Insects (made from misc recycled items)
Any-kinda-HAT-you-can-imagine! (made from newspaper and misc recycled items)
Magazine Beads (made from magazines)


Step 1

Contact me to schedule a session at
We will start with an easy project that any age can accomplish with a feeling of success! If they continue, children can choose future projects based on interests and materials on hand.

Step 2

Gather the materials and tools listed in the project descriptions above. Over time we will work on developing your own UpCycled Maker Kit!

Step 3

At the scheduled time have your materials and tools ready and a table for your child to work on in a quiet space without TV or other distractions (if possible).

How to connect?

I use Zoom, but can also use Skype or FaceTime depending on what devices and apps families have available.

Nature art made from found organic objects outside.
“Nature Art” made with items found in the yard.

Contact me at 505-577-9712 or for more information, to schedule a session, or buy a gift certificate!

I hope that you, your family and friends stay safe and healthy in the weeks to come.

Child wearing a mask made from cereal boxes.
“Marvelous Masks” made from cereal boxes.

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