Eco Trash Couture

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IMG_7812Trash-Me-Rob-Greenfield-The-Trash-Man-768x489Web---Pacifica-2Web---Bella-detailup close wingsclose up capeErte Front2Crime Scene FrontthumbES thumbYouth Eco-Dress, detail1Recycling Fiesta, thumbnailObamanos Coat FrontPL crop2Rusty Nail Cocktail Dress, thumbnailAluminum Drop Dress, thumbnailJellyfish Dress, thumbnailCaution DressTireless-Couture-Detail-smFaux Fur Coat, thumbnailPop Can Couture, thumbnailObama Cocktail Dress, thumbnailCouture Plastique, thumbnailJunk Mail Fan Dress, thumb nailCT cropGlass Evening Gown, detailRecycled Bathing Beauty, thumbnailChange Couture Collection at the Green Inaugural BallRecycled Cowgirl, bootsVoter Swing Coat, detail

Recycle Runway in Airports

Airports provide Recycle Runway an opportunity to reach millions of international travelers often with time to spare. Airports include public art in their buildings to reduce the stress associated with airline travel, and Recycle Runway provides an engaging and educational experience to passengers while they wait for their plane.

Nancy is excited to announce that due to the popularity of her first exhibition in the Atlanta Airport, they have invited her back to install a 2nd show of all new work in 2017!

Following are the airports participating with Recycle Runway:

Praise about the Recycle Runway Exhibition:

“Nancy Judd’s Recycle Runway installation was one of our most popular exhibitions.”

David Vogt, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, Airport Art Program Manager