Eco Trash Couture

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ReDress: Upcycled Style
a traveling exhibition

Wow! Are you kidding? That can’t be made from trash!

Those are just a few expressions that are overheard when audiences view Nancy Judd’s work and read the adjacent labels.

The Glass Evening Gown

At first glance Ms. Judd’s creations are stunning and dramatic, appearing as fine couture and refined garments. A closer look takes us

deeper into her message. A glamorous, shimmering evening gown is made from crushed glass and salvaged upholstery fabric. Nancy’s message? Recycling glass reduces emissions and consumption of raw materials, extends the life of plant equipment, and saves energy. Another elegant dress is constructed from dry cleaner, grocery and newspaper plastic bags. Titled The Jellyfish Dress, it tells us to be mindful of marine life when discarding these bags after use as they can be fatal to sea creatures if tossed carelessly.

Why fashion? Nancy loves the challenge of making garbage into elegant and glamorous garments and inspiring people to look differently at waste. Ms. Judd has been commissioned by major companies such as Target, Toyota, Coca Cola Company and Delta Air Lines to create not only magnificent works of art, but to also convey the value of consumer consciousness and the future of our planet. Her creations have been exhibited worldwide and have caught the attention of major media including USA Today and CNN. In addition, one of her creations, The Obamanos Coat, constructed from Obama campaign door hangers and fit to the size of our 44thPresident, has recently been accepted into the permanent collection of the Smithsonian Institution.“ReDress: upcycled style by Nancy Judd” is exciting, inspiring and offers diverse educational programming to youth and adults alike. This traveling exhibition should appeal to art, fashion, science, natural history, academic and general museums looking for infinite presentation possibilities. Ms. Judd is available to provide workshops and speaking engagements about her fascinating work and environmental consciousness.

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