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UpCycled Art During COVID-19

Interactive Online Art Classes

Making a Crow with Niznet, age 5

Artist Nancy Judd is now offering arts-based interactive virtual learning for children (and adults) across the globe that is creative, fun and educational. Offering over 20 different upCycled projects that use materials and tools you have in your home and recycling bin; she interacts with children as they work– answering questions, providing direction and giving encouragement.

Nancy provides more than art projects – she offers whole child-centered, immersive and interdisciplinary lessons that help children connect with their community. Using her arts integration training and experience, she includes mindfulness exercises to help kids learn to self-regulate in times of stress; movement breaks; standards based learning goals; and strategies to help children cope with stressful Covid-19 conditions
(CDC recommendations).

In each session Nancy will teach transferable skills and help your child create their own UpCylced Maker Kit to use for future projects. Developing resourcefulness, confidence and creativity is the goal for everyone she works with

Learning Objectives

Nancy connects each project with National Common Core Standards, Next Generation Science Standards, and National Core Arts Standards and during the sessions she helps children develop useful “habits of mind”, that can assist them to face and process their challenges. Your child will learn to:

  • Persevere through challenges and brainstorm solutions
  • Speculate and hypothesize outcomes
  • Construct – learn techniques they can transfer to other projects
  • Work independently
  • Connect to themselves and their world

Step 1

Contact Nancy ( to schedule a session.
We start with an easy project that any age can accomplish with a feeling of success! If want to continue, Nancy and your children can choose future projects based on interests, materials and age.

Step 2

Gather together the materials and tools for your 1st session, Nancy will send you a list after you schedule a session. We will work towards developing your own UpCycled Maker Kit!

Step 3

At the scheduled time have your materials and tools ready; a table for your child to work on in a quiet space without TV or other distractions (if possible).

How to connect

Nancy prefers to use Zoom, but can also use Skype or FaceTime depending upon what devices and apps you have available.

Imagined Worlds

UpCycled Projects

Each of the projects below can be adapted for kids 5 to 100 years old! The 1st projects will take approximately 1 hour, the others take between 1-2 hours and can be started with Nancy and finished later, or worked on over several sessions. See a sample session schedule.

First Meeting Projects (1 hour)
Quirky Crowns (made from paper bags and magazines)
Collage Cards (made from cereal boxes and magazines)
Paper Flowers 101 (made from paper bags)

Subsequent Project Options

Whimsical Insects


Nancy’s normal classroom teaching artist rate is $70 an hour.
However, during the Pandemic, she is providing these services on a sliding scale from $20-$70 an hour for the 1st child, $5 an hour for each additional child.
Please pay what you can afford so that Nancy can offer these sessions to families with less resources.

If you cannot afford $20 an hour, inquire about scholarships.

Payment through PayPal or check is preferred.

About Nancy

Nancy Judd is an internationally recognized artist, environmental advocate and teaching artist. For over twenty years she has created eco-fashion sculptures from trash that engage people in conversations about how we live on the earth.  She exhibits her work in airports and museums across the country, including the Smithsonian Museum’s permanent collection, and a yearlong solo show in the Atlanta International Airport, February 2020-2021. She is also a public speaker and has given several TEDx talks.

Nancy has been a teaching artist with the Right Brain Initiative/ Young Audiences for 3 years and been working with children in classrooms around the United States since 1998. Using open-ended questions, patience and encouragement, Nancy helps children access their creativity as a means of improving self confidence and expressing their feelings about the world they live in. References and background check available upon request.

You can see Nancy’s work on this website and in this Huffington Post video.