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Delta Air Lines’ superhero stewardess uniform unveiled

The Environmental Steward-ess

April 14, 2011


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A “superhero stewardess” uniform, made entirely out of bits of Delta Air Lines scrap, is among the eye-popping pieces of eco-fashion gracing an exhibition at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport.

Delta Air Lines commissioned Nancy Judd – an artist known for turning trash into “couture fashion” – to create the striking uniform, which she has aptly named “The Environmental Steward-ess”.

It is one of 18 centrepieces on display at the artist’s “Recycle Runway” exhibition, which will run in Atlanta Airport’s International Concourse E until April 2012.

The uniform, and the matching accessories – a hat and purse – have been sewn from worn-out leather seat covers from Delta planes.

The outfit wouldn’t be complete without a superhero cape – for a super cool throw-on and-go look.

The cape is made up of old safety cards, plane tickets, Delta Sky magazines and pretzel wrappers, stitched into worn pillow cases, before being lined with an old Delta blanket.

To wrap up, the artist used aluminum cans for the Delta logo, which is featured on the purse, hat and belt.

As TERMINAL U reported earlier this year, Delta Air Lines is among a few major carriers to join the “upcycling” craze, where cabin fixtures and fittings that would otherwise be discarded are refashioned into something of greater value- and sold off as fashion.