Eco Trash Couture

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New Sculptures Created in Public Workshops

Nancy creates many of her sculptures with help from the public. Specially designed projects incorporate tasks that people of all ages and artistic abilities can accomplish. Nancy can work with your organization to develop a project for your target audience that meets your specific goals. Below are examples of projects she completed with help from the public.

Eco-Flamenco-1a 5,000 people participated in creating “Eco-Flamenco” over an 18 day period. Cereal boxes painted with recycled paint have been transformed into cascades of ruffles that contain over 5,000 eco-pledges—commitments of actions that people will take to help the environment. The ruffles cover a dress made from parachute scraps.
Sol Man front Nancy created “Sol Man” during at National Audubon Society fellowship called a Toyota TogetherGreen. It was based on an energy conservation educational program for 6th grade students at Ortiz Middle School in Santa Fe, NM and made with the help of the students.
Youth-Eco-Dress-Detail-lg “The Youth Eco-Dress” was made with the help of 2,000 children.During Ms. Judd’s youth presentations about recycling and the environment, she asks the kids write their names and something that they would do to help the environment on a strip of recycled paper. These eco-pledges were turned into long paper link chains to cover the dress.The base of the dress is made of discarded sheets
 Tireless-Couture-sm2  “Tireless Couture” was created in public workshops as part of University Mall’s Scraple Hill Art Exhibition. Nancy was asked to design and create this piece from inner tube tires to showcase the Chapel Hill’s commitment to sustainability by encouraging citizens to leave their cars at home and use the beautiful pedestrian and bicycle paths.
 Jellyfish-Dress-front The “Jellyfish Dress” was partially created in public workshops in Lincoln City, on the Oregon Coast. Green dry cleaner bags and blue plastic newspaper bags were ironed together to create the aquatic skirt. The bodice, skirt, tentacles and necklace were made from white grocery bags.