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Presentations and Speaking

Nancy Judd, a public speaker, has been giving inspiring eco-presentations across the country for the last ten years. From children in class rooms to docents in museums to TEDx audiences, Nancy shares photos of her elegant recycled fashions and talks about how we can each help to solve the environmental crisis. She demonstrates how our moment-to-moment decisions give us an opportunity to reduce our impact on the earth. Nancy speaks to children of all ages, and to adults at conferences, retreats, museums, press events, and any type of gathering.

Nancy's TEDxABQ Audience
Nancy’s TEDxABQ Audience
Speaking topics include:

  • Recycling and environmental stewardship- how we can make a difference
  • Following your passions
  • Using art to overcome learning disabilities and other personal challenges
  • Being a green entrepreneur

Praise for Nancy’s presentations:

“Nancy Judd of Recycle Runway is a great presenter. She is articulate, direct and clear in her communication style. Her program is a compelling one for youth, and her presentation draws in adults as well. I wholeheartedly recommend Nancy Judd and Recycle Runway.”
Aurelia Gomez, Director of Education
Museum of International Folk Art, Santa Fe , New Mexico

“Dear Ms. Judd,
Thank you for coming to my school all the way from Santa Fe. I learned a lot about recycling and I’ll try to help recycle and ask my parents to recycle and not litter. I hope I can make a difference. I hope that we can see your new dress at the airport and all the different places. Thank you for coming.”
Anita G.
Sundance Elementary School

Contact Nancy at 505-577-9712 or to discuss availability, topics and fees.