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Alterations: Tailored Solutions to Climate Change

Atlanta International Airport 2020-2021

The Alterations exhibition aims to reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere by linking Nancy’s sculptures with science based Drawdown Ecochallenge actions.  Visit to see how each sculpture links to a powerful action to reverse climate change!

See photos of the Atlanta installation and each sculpture here .

After it leaves the Atlanta International Airport the Alternations Exhibition will become a traveling exhibition touring museums and art centers around the US. Its first stop is the Muscatine Art Center in Iowa May-November 2021.

This exhibition is a collaboration with:

Thank you to all of the individuals and organizations who have made this exhibition possible!

Horizons Sustainable Financial Services, Heart In Diamond (sustainable diamonds made from ashes) Becky Judd, Barry Morgenstern, Sandrine Perez, Josh Judd, Jennifer Tuvell, Diane Pansire, Ian Bell, Jayne Vetter, David Judd, Martha Sorensen, Kim Davison, Melanie Alexander, David Macek, Barbara Backstrand, Arwen Kuttner, Toby Herzlich, Joyce Helling, Camille Riley, Derek Peterson, Russell Parks and Julia White, John G Clark, Bette Bradbury, John Lawrence, Mary Beebe, Jeana Edelman, Lee Carrothers, Jenifer Prendergast, Box Studio (Kevin and Jennifer Box), Susie Peterson, Donna Murphy, Russell Parks, Annette Bellamy, Agnes Noonan, Mary Hoffman, John Olson, Bruce Yates, Dylan Lawrence, Carrie Williams, Mercedes Encinias, Shana Morris, Loretta Martinez, Lisa Hatchadoorian, Leemil Hardiso, Ned Morris, Jackie Caballero, Maia Lawrence, Ley and Karl Schleich, Mabel and Michele Quintanta-English, Kevin Di Palma,Wyn Lewis, Kim Davidson, Cat Wilt, Bill Meador, Charlotte Cooke, Nita and Clay Judd, Emily Cooke, Kim McCormick, Betsey Pridmore, Steve Welch