Eco Trash Couture

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IMG_7812Trash-Me-Rob-Greenfield-The-Trash-Man-768x489Web---Pacifica-2Web---Bella-detailup close wingsclose up capeErte Front2Crime Scene FrontthumbES thumbYouth Eco-Dress, detail1Recycling Fiesta, thumbnailObamanos Coat FrontPL crop2Rusty Nail Cocktail Dress, thumbnailAluminum Drop Dress, thumbnailJellyfish Dress, thumbnailCaution DressTireless-Couture-Detail-smFaux Fur Coat, thumbnailPop Can Couture, thumbnailObama Cocktail Dress, thumbnailCouture Plastique, thumbnailJunk Mail Fan Dress, thumb nailCT cropGlass Evening Gown, detailRecycled Bathing Beauty, thumbnailChange Couture Collection at the Green Inaugural BallRecycled Cowgirl, bootsVoter Swing Coat, detail


Nancy Judd has worked with a variety of clients from large international companies to small government agencies and individuals. They all share the goal of making their services, products and lives more sustianble.

Delta Air Lines

·175 Hours
·6 Leather Seat Covers
·Over 10 Million Views
·Venue: Atlanta
International Airport,
Georgia; New Mexico
Museum of Art, Santa Fe

Lincoln City,

·160 Hours
·100 Plastic Bags
·Community Art Festival
·Client & Venue: Lincoln
City Library


·150 Hours
·10 Pounds of  Wire from
Beneath the Hoods of  Cars
·Over 11 Million Views
·Venue: Toyota Corporate
Conference, Long Beach, CA

University Mall,

·175 Hours
·650 Rubber Pieces Cut
from 50 Car Tire Tubes
·5 Day Shopping Center
·Client & Venue: University
Mall, Chapel Hill, NC


·135 Hours
·1,000 Pieces of  Coke Cans
Sewn onto this Gown
·Over 12 Million Views
·Venue: National Recycling
Coalition Conference,
Atlanta, GA

Ms. Judd can create a site-specific piece for you or your organization. Nancy enjoys working in collaboration with her sponsors– asking the questions: “What are your waste materials?” and “What are the environmental issues that are pertinent to you or your region?” Using the answers to these questions Nancy designs site-specific commissions that are meaningful and pertinent. Including the community in the creation of the piece adds further depth to the projects.

Praise from a garment sponsor:

Recycling Fiesta, sponsored by Target

“Nancy contacted the local Target store to make the Target recycling dress, and the store team really got into it by coming up with lots of materials we were recycling and even some that we weren’t. That made the team think more about what they were throwing away. It was a great project and the impact of the dress is excellent.”
Jim Bosch, Target



Contact Nancy at 505-577-9712505-577-9712 or to learn more.