Eco Trash Couture

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IMG_7812Trash-Me-Rob-Greenfield-The-Trash-Man-768x489Web---Pacifica-2Web---Bella-detailup close wingsclose up capeErte Front2Crime Scene FrontthumbES thumbYouth Eco-Dress, detail1Recycling Fiesta, thumbnailObamanos Coat FrontPL crop2Rusty Nail Cocktail Dress, thumbnailAluminum Drop Dress, thumbnailJellyfish Dress, thumbnailCaution DressTireless-Couture-Detail-smFaux Fur Coat, thumbnailPop Can Couture, thumbnailObama Cocktail Dress, thumbnailCouture Plastique, thumbnailJunk Mail Fan Dress, thumb nailCT cropGlass Evening Gown, detailRecycled Bathing Beauty, thumbnailChange Couture Collection at the Green Inaugural BallRecycled Cowgirl, bootsVoter Swing Coat, detail

Recycle Runway in Shopping Malls

Recycle Runway has begun a new partnership with shopping malls. Malls attract millions of people and are an excellent place to provide information about sustainable consumerism! In October 2010, the University Mall in Chapel Hill, North Carolina commissioned Ms. Judd to create a new garment, Tireless Couture. The garment will stay on exhibit in the Mall until January 2011 when it will join the rest of the Recycle Runway Collection in the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

Tireless Couture

Tireless Couture, workshop